The International Forum: LIFE & DEVELOPMENT 2009 will be hold in 8th to 10th, 2009

The Life & Development 2009, an international forum, jointly organized by Hangzhou municipal government of China, Zhejiang University and Centre for European Studies will be hold in Hangzhou from Nov.8th to 10th, 2009.
Life and development are inextricably linked; the pursuit of a better life, more than being a human need, stimulates economic growth; people’s lifestyle impacting national, even global development. This is especially the case as the financial crisis is sweeping the whole world, voices of interest are heard about cultural divergence and convergence and their effects on economic and social development.
It is expected that more than 100 experts and friends from academic, political, and business communities and the media form both at home and abroad will participate in the discussions under the following tentative topics:
●Western lifestyle VS. Eastern Lifestyle
●Lifestyle and Economy
●Life and Business Operation
●Lifestyle and Participatory Democracy
Besides, a Lecture on Ma Yifu presided by professor Tu Weiming will also be held during the forum.

Brief introduction
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